Faith is what matters not religion

Faith is what matters not religion, we often confuse one with the other....but faith is what is important, religion is just a playbook.

Faith for most people is not a particular thing, it consists of a lot of things; when put together; it makes you feel optimistic about the future, and it gives you strength when you feel like dying; 

For Ahmad it can be Islam, and his Macbook. 

For Sara it can be her care for global warming and veganism.

Steve Jobs knew that when he was founding apple, and with purpose designed it to be a cult-like organization.......that's why you find people who love their iPhone like crazy, or who feel a connection with someone just because they saw him holding his Macbook at Starbucks.

Of-course not all playbooks are the same ....... a religion is much stronger than Apple!

Yet today there is a huge decline of faith in the world in general, and a need for something to replace that.

That fact means that we have an opportunity here, an opportunity to boost that faith and make money at the same time.

But don't listen to me on this, listen to Sasha Strauss one of the top marketers in the world: 

"We used to socialize around faiths and the non-profits we loved, but now that they are in discussion, we all feel like we are missing Something"