Hey there;

I am Salah

Here is me, just in case we never met...

LARP Festival

Huge life action role play Camp in Copenhagen, watch out form swords & arrows

Fintech Competition

the arab bank's fintech Boot-camp & competition for fintech startups in MENA

South Korea
AI Conference

hundreds of ai startups gathered in seoul for a huge ArtificialIntelligenceConference

Startup Istanbul

One of th biggest startup events in the region. Turkey & the middle east's best startups

Here's something I've been thinking alot about...

Faith is what actually matters, not religion. We often confuse one with the other....but the truth is that faith is what matters, religion is just a playbook. 

Faith is what makes you feel optimistic about the future, what gives you strength when you feel like dying; for someone it can be his religion, and for another it can be her vegan diet.

Steve Jobs knew that when he was founding apple, and with purpose designed it to be a cult-like organization............................

Here are the books that I am reading right now...

Fooled by randomness

BY Nassim Taleb

Nassim Taleb

Fooled by randomness

Man's search for meaning

bY Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl

Man's search for meaning

Founders at work

bY Jessica Livingston

Jessica Livingston

Founders aT WORK

Founders at work

bY Jessica Livingston



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Here's an E-book that I wrote 


Wild Cash

"4 Secrets That Reveal Why You Still Find Yourself Low On Cash While Your Business Is Doing So Fucking Well"

#1 The Secret Power Of Numbers
#2 Find The Truth That Is Buried Deep Within Ratios.
#3 You Shouldn’t Keep What You Earn A Secret.
#4 There Is No General Formula.